My shabby chic tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! Unfortunately we have have Christmas tree-gate twice! Our BIG tree had been recalled a couple years ago and we just now got around to sending it back to the company in October. My replacement was expected by mid-November. November came and went with no tree arriving. After lots of back and forth with a lot of people on the phone, my new tree should be here tomorrow!

At our old house, the kitchen was in the front of the house and the living room in the back. We had a beautiful bay window in the front of the house, in the kitchen, so we decided to put a small tree there. It was a beautiful tree, and we lucked out. We found it at Target on clearance from $80 to $16!! Well after Christmas tree-gate I was like, “I need to at least put up the kitchen tree so we can feel a little festive” We have the perfect spot for one on our kitchen island.Lo and behold, somehow that tree didn’t make the move from Texas! I almost cried!!! After a couple weeks, I got over it and found a not-as-pretty tree and brought it home. It looks alright now that its decorated, but its not as spectacular as the old one.I cut strips of burlap to use as ribbon, and found several shabby chic ornaments at target. A birdhouse, a few birds, and a couple other interesting pieces. I mixed in a few glittery balls for contrast. The best part is the tree skirt! I cut a circle of white canvas to fit around the base. Then I found an old sewing pattern and cut it to fit the canvas, leaving 1 inch of canvas exposed on the edges. I modpodged the pattern on and result is gorgeous. The perfect skirt for a shabby chic tree.ImageImage


Kind of lost in the shuffle.

Shortly after I made my first post, I started a new job. It was very time consuming along with taking courses at college, so I kind of fell behind on my blogging. But I am back to being a housewife, so hopefully I can keep up with it now!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I kind of feel like I lost my stride in the kitchen a little bit. I tried out two different new recipes and I was not thrilled with either. I tried a monkey bread recipe. I have never made monkey bread before, only tasted (and fell in love with) other peoples. So I was very excited to try it. I figured it would be easy to make for my sons school Thanksgiving luncheon. I made it, used a different variation of an ingredient it called for, and I did not like it. Other people said it was great! In fact, the other day, the school administrator asked me to make her a pan of it to take home. I told her that I will bring it with the Christmas gifts for teachers. Hopefully I can figure out what went wrong with the recipe, correct it, and make it taste better!

Another recipe I tried, was Sour Cream Apple Pie. It combines three things that I LOVE! Pie, apples, and sour cream. I made it a day before serving it. Now I have never been good at homemade pie crusts. My mom is a pro at them and bakes about 15 at t time and freezes them. I always get them too salty, too gummy, or too flour-y. So I confess to using a Wholly-Wholesome roll out frozen crust. The pie traveled from Arkansas to Texas. I think it would have tasted better fresh out of the oven. Or at least served warm. I had such high hopes for it.

After those two disappointing holiday recipes, I am working hard to redeem myself for Christmas. The family decided that it was going to be party/finger foods only. I am excited to try out some new things! In the meantime, I hope to update regularly with what I am currently cooking. Enjoy🙂


Hello! Make yourself at home! My name is Jessica, I am 24, married, and mom to an adorable 4 year old. I recently moved from one very southern state, to a southern state that is a little more northern than I am used to. The food here is a little different than we are used to, so I have been cooking up a storm!

During my childhood, everyone went to my grandparents house for a huge meal twice weekly for years. It always included a main dish (sometimes two!) 3-5 sides, bread, and dessert. All prepared by my grandmother. We also have yearly family reunions with extended family coming from all over the south. Everyone brings a dish, and we usually end up with about 4-6 long folding tables covered with dishes of food. Every major family memory I have is centered around the dining table or the kitchen. Its how I grew up, and it is how I plan to raise my son. The kitchen is the heart and soul of our home.

I plan to use this blog to share my recipes, and photos, and maybe some kitchen disasters as well. I look forward to letting others enjoy our family recipes.